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AIM Coalition’s First Membership Meeting: Looking at the Science and Mapping the Road Ahead

The AIM Coalition held its first meeting of coalition members earlier this month. The meeting was an opportunity to examine the science and treatment challenges around sarcopenia and functional decline in older patients. The group also mapped out its strategies for pushing forward on its agenda with the FDA and... Read more »


The Key to Fighting Physical Decline: The Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB)

The following post focuses on the Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB), one of several tests designed to measure functional status and physical performance. Other tests, such as the Short Form 36 Health Survey, the Late Life Disability Instrument and the Physical Performance Test, can also measure physical function... Read more »


Bridging the gap – Why AIM and sarcopenia are important

As the Baby Boom Generation begins to turn age 65 this year, preserving the physical function and independence of older Americans will be the surest way to ensure healthy aging and to control soaring health care costs. However, more than 18 million Americans struggle with sarcopenia, an age-related condition that... Read more »

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