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Investing in Research, Pushing for Advocacy for Treatments & Prevention of Sarcopenia: Interview with Dr. Roger Fielding, Tufts University

Though the nation is in a time of economic constraint, limited research resources and numerous competing chronic conditions driving up health care costs, recognizing the importance of physical function and sarcopenia is more crucial now than ever. Dr. Roger Fielding, member of the AIM Science Advisory Board... Read more »


Regulatory Recognition Key to Moving Forward on Sarcopenia: Interview with Dr. Bill Evans, GSK

Dr. William J. Evans, AIM Scientific Advisory Board Member and Vice President and Head of the Muscle Metabolism Discovery Performance Unit at GlaxoSmithKline, recently shared his thoughts on the work of the Aging In Motion Coalition and on future directions for the assessment, treatment and prevention of sarcopenia and the... Read more »


LIFE Study Paves the Way for Treating Sarcopenia and Functional Decline in the Elderly

The aging population presents greater long-term health care challenges than ever seen before by doctors, nurses, caregivers, and patients themselves. Though we now enjoy an extended life span (the fastest growing segment of our population are those who are aged 90 years and older), many individuals face multiple... Read more »


What Does the Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB) Look Like?

The Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB) is one of several tests designed to measure physical performance in older adults. The SPPB focuses exclusively on lower extremity function and has many advantages over other tests, including standard parameters of measuring physical function that can be used uniformly across almost... Read more »


Frailty and disability on the rise in the US, but where is the response?

The US health care system is facing new challenges of caring for a rapidly aging population with complex health care needs. According to the Administration on Aging, the US population age 65 and older increased to 40 million in 2010 (a 15% increase in one decade), and will... Read more »

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